Address Falls By Engaging Your Dad in These Exercise Programs

One fall is concerning, but it won’t have you too panicked yet. When your dad has fallen two, three, four, etc. times, it’s alarming. One fall increases the risk of subsequent falls, especially if the reason is related to balance issues, medication side effects, or underlying health issues.

Your dad fell after taking his heart medications. He often gets dizzy when he stands up, which makes it difficult as you can’t be there all day. He has diabetes and falls when his sugar levels dip. It’s important to address the reason for the falls, help him build muscle strength, and make sure he’s not alone for now.

The Best Fitness Programs for Improving Balance.

You need your dad to work on muscle strength and balance. What are the best exercise programs to prevent falls?


Otago is an exercise program developed by physical therapists in New Zealand. It’s a series of warm-up, strengthening, and balance exercises that are proven to help boost muscle strength and balance skills.

24-Hour Home Care Lowell, MI:  Exercise Programs

 24-Hour Home Care Lowell, MI: Exercise Programs

  • Warm-Up (Head, Neck, Back, Trunk, and Ankles)
  • Knee Extensor and Flexor
  • Hip Abductor
  • Calf Raises
  • Toe Raises
  • Knee Bends
  • Walking (Heel-to-Toe, Backwards, Sideways, Heel-to-Toe Backwards, and Turns)
  • Sit to Stand/Stand to Sit
  • Standing On One Leg
  • Heel-to-Toe Stand in Place

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient form of martial arts that focuses on low-impact, precise body movements and breathing techniques. Through steady, constant, flowing positions and movements, you build muscle strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance while also reducing stress and tension.

Fitness classes are one way to practice Tai Chi, but your dad doesn’t have to leave his house if he doesn’t want to. Talk to his doctor to see if there are movements he needs to avoid. Once you’ve had that discussion, you can find beginner videos for him to follow.


Daily walks are a great way to build muscle tone and balance. If a caregiver is available to join your dad on his walks, he has someone to hold for support when needed.


Yoga uses different poses to help stretch and tone muscles, release stress, and improve balance. Some of the poses are done on a mat on the floor while others are standing up. But, there are Chair Yoga classes that are ideal if your dad is prone to falling. He should use Chair Yoga until he’s gaining strength and stamina.

In addition to fitness programs, talk to his doctor about the side effects his medications cause. If they’re leading to regular dizziness or falls, a different medication may be recommended. If your dad is falling frequently, always talk to his doctor for advice.

Book Around-the-Clock Home Care to Ensure He’s Never Alone

Arrange 24-hour home care services to make sure your dad isn’t alone. If he’s falling regularly, you need to make sure caregivers are there all day and night for support. Talk to a specialist in 24-hour home care services to learn more.

If you or someone you know needs help with 24-Home Care in Lowell, MI, contact Gauthier Family Home Care. We provide quality and affordable home care services in our community. Call us at (616) 258-2300 for more information.

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