Elder Care Can Be There For Your Mom When You Can’t Be

Elder Care: Senior Independence in Ada, MI

If you live far away from your mom it can be hard not to worry about her. Knowing she’s living alone and that you can’t get there quickly if something happens can cause a lot of anxiety. But elder care can help her be safe and happy. If your mom has elder care to help…

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Crafting a Comprehensive Post-Hospital Care Plan for Seniors Returning Home

Post-Hospital Care: Hospital Discharge Planning in East Grand Rapids, MI

Establishing a comprehensive post-hospital care plan is essential to supporting the recuperation and overall well-being of seniors when they move from the hospital to their homes. After a hospital stay, going home can be difficult, but with the right preparation and assistance, seniors can reclaim their freedom and recover comfortably in familiar surroundings. We’ll go…

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How Often to Call or Visit Your Elderly Parent

Senior Home Care: Family Support for Aging Parents in Ada, MI

Many seniors are choosing to age in place and that may leave you the question on how often you should be visiting your elderly parents? The truth is, it will depend on how well they are aging in place and if they need any extra help. Even with help from senior home care you will…

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Helping Seniors Navigate the Common Cold

Home Care Assistance: Preventing Senior Colds in Grand Rapids, MI

The common cold is an inherent menace that arrives with the frigid winter winds. This seasonal annoyance might be particularly difficult for seniors to deal with since their immune systems may not be as strong as they once were. However, seniors can successfully navigate through the chilly season by using a small amount of advance…

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Caregiver of the Month March 2024

March Caregiver of the Month: Kim Doyle

Caregiver of the Month March 2024 Please help us to congratulate Kim Doyle as we honor her as our March Caregiver of the Month! Kim has been with Gauthier since 2017. Kim has been such a great addition to Gauthier! She is such a go getter and makes sure that her clients have everything that…

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What Seniors Need to Know About Shingles: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

Elder Care: Senior Shingles Help in Grand Rapids, MI

Our bodies are increasingly vulnerable as we get older to a number of illnesses, including shingles. The varicella-zoster virus, which is also the cause of chickenpox, is what causes shingles, also known as herpes zoster. Although shingles can strike anyone at any age, it most commonly strikes seniors. Maintaining seniors’ health and wellbeing requires an…

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