Caregiver of the Month October 2023

Caregiver of the Month

Please help me to congratulate Alex Goodwin as we honor her as our October Caregiver of the Month! Alex has only been with GHFC for about 6 months but continues to show us what a great addition to our team she is. Alex has become one of our “go to” caregivers that we know our…

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Home Care – Understanding Gratitude and Appreciation

Home Care

As your senior gets older, it can be frustrating for both you and your loved one who is older. It is normal to have fears about the final stage of life, and it is normal to fear losing your elderly mom or dad. This negativity, anger, and fear can lead to confusion and loss of…

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In-Home Care – Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Seniors Should Know

In-Home Care

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that occurs when the brain stops making dopamine. Dopamine is a substance that affects motor skills and mobility. It’s a progressive disorder, and there is no cure. There are more than a million people living with Parkinson’s disease. But early treatment can help to slow the progression of the disease.…

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24-Hour Home Care and Alzheimer’s

24-Hour Home Care

You’re taking care of your mom, but her Alzheimer’s is progressing faster than you expected. It’s becoming harder and harder to help her with everything and still have time for yourself. Keeping her home organized makes it easier to stay on top of everything, but how do you do that when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Create…

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Alzheimer’s Care – National Grief Awareness Day is August 30th

Alzheimer's Care

Every year across the U.S., mental health professionals raise awareness of the lasting effects of grief and the many reasons not to ignore the need to grieve. When you have a parent with Alzheimer’s, you’re in for what’s known as the “long goodbye.” Grief can last for years and even decades as your dad’s cognitive…

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Home Care Assistance – The Biggest Mistakes Seniors Make When Aging In Place

Home Care Assistance

More seniors than ever plan on staying in their own homes as they get older. There are many reasons why seniors are choosing to stay at home. Some just prefer to live independently. Others don’t want to leave the house where they have lived for decades. But seniors who want to age in place should…

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