Being a caregiver today often means that every waking moment of your life is devoted to tackling tasks, solving problems, and just basically being on call. But you can’t really expect yourself to be okay doing that in the long run for long. Too long in such a state can take a big toll on you and your mental health.

You Feel Tired All the Time

Caregiver Grand Rapids, MI: Caregiver and Overscheduling

Caregivers tend to go and go and go. That might mean that you’re cutting into your sleep time in order to get even more done. The problem with that is you’re not getting the rest that you need so you can keep going. You need to reassess the rest you’re getting and decide if you need more than what you’re allowing. If you do, then make it a point to prioritize sleep.

Your Anxiety Is Cranking Up
Being anxious might feel like your normal state as a caregiver, but it really shouldn’t be. You definitely are going to worry about your elderly family member, but those worries need to be founded in something that could actually happen. Anxiety usually strikes about situations that aren’t as likely to happen.

You Feel Angry More than Usual
When you’ve got too much going on, your temper is going to be shorter than normal. Sometimes as a caregiver you’re going to be upset, angry, or frustrated for a really good reason. But if that’s becoming a normal reaction for you, that can mean that you’ve got way too much on your plate and you need to pare it back a bit.

Regular Activities Aren’t Keeping Your Attention
How long has it been since you’ve done the things you enjoy doing? If you’re avoiding some of those activities that you love to do, that can mean that you’re not doing as well as you think you are. Having the time that you need to devote to activities that are just for you ensures that you’re paying attention to what you need.

You Feel Overwhelmed
If you’ve been constantly running and doing, that means that you’re packing a lot into every single day. That gets overwhelming very quickly, even if you don’t realize it at first. Overwhelm can cause your brain to stop working as well as it does under better circumstances and then you find it difficult to get anything done at all.

You need to have some down time as a caregiver. This might mean that it’s time for you to start saying no to some of the activities and events that you normally automatically agree to handle. At first this can feel as if you’re letting people down, but if you’re overwhelmed and exhausted, that’s going to let even more people down.

Excerpt: It is definitely possible as a caregiver to overschedule yourself, but how can you tell you are?

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