Companion Care Helps Seniors Adjust To Life After Loss

According to one study more than 900,000 seniors will lose their spouse each year. After such a huge loss it can be very difficult for the spouse left behind to figure out a new way to live. And often seniors who are grappling with the loss of a spouse don’t want to burden their children with their grief or add to the grief that their children are already feeling so they try to process their loss alone. 

Companion care at home for seniors is a big help for a senior that is trying to create a new life after losing a spouse. Grief is complicated and can take time to work through. Companion care at home helps seniors who are used to having another person around all the time feel safer and gives them the support they need. Some of the ways that companion care at home can help your senior parent navigate their loss are:

Keeping A Routine Going

Companion Care at Home Comstock Park, MI: Life After Loss

Companion Care at Home Comstock Park, MI: Life After Loss

One of the hardest parts of losing a spouse for seniors is the loss of their daily routine. Especially if your parents were married for a very long time it can be jarring for your surviving parent to suddenly be alone. A care provider can give your senior parent a sense of familiarity and keep their daily routine the same while they process their loss. They can still have someone to read the news to them in the morning or bring them coffee. And they will have someone to keep up all their daily habits with. 


Your surviving parent may want to talk about their spouse and enjoy the memories of their lives together. It can help them move through the stages of grief to talk about their partner. But they may hesitate to talk about their spouse with their children because they don’t want to make the loss harder for you. With a professional care provider your senior parent can talk about their memories and the things they love and miss about their spouse without having to worry about your feelings. 

Providing Emotional Support

Many seniors who lose a spouse talk about how hard it is to feel like part of themselves is gone. A care provider can help your senior parent by providing the emotional support they need to process their grief and figure out who they are without their partner. And how they want to live in the time they have left. It can be very helpful to have emotional support from a non-family member during the mourning process. 

Getting Seniors Interested In New Activities

Your senior parents may feel like they are lost for a little bit and are searching for new ways to express themselves and new things to do now that their spouse is gone. A caregiver can provide companionship that includes trying new activities, talking about their interests, and finding new activities that they want to do to stay busy and engaged with the world. 

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