National Dairy Month started back in 1937, so it’s one of the older national days. It was initially called National Milk Month and was designed to help the dairy industry by getting more people to drink milk.

Why drink milk? It’s packed with vitamins and minerals that aid your health. Learn these five facts about dairy and milk consumption this June.

One Cow Produces 55 Pounds of Milk Each Day

Elderly Care in Ada, MI: National Dairy Month

Dairy cows produce a lot of milk each day. On average, one dairy cow produces six to eight gallons per day. That’s enough to make a half-gallon of ice cream daily. To make this much milk, a cow has to drink the equivalent of a bathtub full of water each day.

Milk Has 11 Essential Nutrients

Milk has 11 essential nutrients. Three of them are in the top four nutrients often missing from an older adult’s diet. These three essential nutrients are calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. You need calcium and vitamin D for bone and teeth health. Potassium is important for the heart.

Most Households Had Their Own Cows Until the 1850s

Travel back in time, and it was customary for every household to have a family cow. A family’s daily milk stores were used to feed the family and make other items like butter and cheese. Milk wouldn’t be shipped by train to larger cities for retail sale until the 1840s.

Adults Should Drink Three Cups of Milk Daily

To get enough calcium, it’s recommended that adults have the equivalent of three cups of milk each day. A cup of milk is eight ounces. You could also get this amount from a cup of yogurt or one and a half ounces of cheese.

One Glass of Milk Has More Calcium Than You Might Think

There’s the same amount of calcium from one eight-ounce glass of milk as you’d get from close to five cups of broccoli. You’d need to eat 16 cups of spinach to get the same amount of calcium.

How healthy is your mom’s diet? If she skips meals or focuses on easy-to-prepare frozen dinners or ready-to-heat meals, she’s eating too much saturated fat, sodium, preservatives, and added sugar. Help her make better dietary choices by having an elderly care aide cook her meals.

Elderly care services range from meal preparation to grocery shopping. With a caregiver’s help, your mom will always have foods available that benefit her physical and mental health.

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