Brain health is super important for older adults, but you don’t want to waste her time or bore her with activities that aren’t helping her work her brain some. Figuring out which activities are hitting the mark and which ones are big misses is important.  

She’s Learning New and Intriguing Facts

Elderly Care East Grand Rapids, MI: Activity and Your Seniors Brain

Any time that your elderly family member is learning something interesting and new, that’s probably keeping her brain firing and engaged. Learning in a boring atmosphere or feeling forced to learn facts likely doesn’t have the same impact for her. But if she chases subjects that are fascinating to her, that can be a huge boost for her brain health. 

Her Brain Is Challenged a Bit 

The best brain activities are ones that challenge your senior’s brain a bit. If whatever your senior is doing is too easy, her brain can kind of coast through without working too hard. Whether your elderly family member is reading a mystery novel or doing a crossword puzzle, it helps if the activity is one that’s just a teeny bit on the difficult side. 

She’s Able to Keep Going with the Activity 

If your elderly family member is trying new and challenging activities to boost her brain health, it really helps if she wants to keep going with it. If the activities are boring or are too hard, she might give up before she gets any of the benefits she’s trying to get. She needs to experience a bit of a challenge, but not so much that she ends up wanting to do anything else. 

She’s Having Fun 

Above all else, your senior needs to be having fun. That’s really the best part of getting to be a senior, after all. Life is more about doing what she wants to do with the time that she has and while she is better off doing the things that keep her healthy, she also has to be happy. If none of this is fun for her, then you’re going to need to work together to find the things she wants to do that also help her to keep her brain going. 

If your senior feels as if she doesn’t have time to devote to keeping her brain muscle working, she might need more help than you realize. Bringing in elderly care providers can free up some of your senior’s time and energy so that she can feel more comfortable with experimenting with brain-boosting activities. 

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