From Dan’s desk:

When Marion and I began our home care agency, we really had no idea what to expect in terms of growth.  I have been making

Dan and Marion Gauthier

Dan and Marion Gauthier, Owners, with Walt, Marion’s Father (center).

business plan forecasts for over 30 years, with varying degrees of success, but I have to admit that my crystal ball was a little foggy when it came to anticipating what our growth curve would look like as a start-up in the home care business.

We started slowly in the fall of 2011.  2012 saw pretty languid but steady growth.  It seemed that for every three clients we brought on, we would lose one to the nursing facilities or to the next life.  But 2013 is a completely different story.  By May 5 (Week 19) we had surpassed our billings from calendar year 2012!  That must be why I am so tired!!

We must be doing something RIGHT to be blessed with such a dramatic increase in engagements.  What we believe is the key to our growth is our people.  So we would like to recognize one of our outstanding caregivers by initiating our “Caregiver of the Month” award.

patricia ceja-torresSay hi to Patricia Ceja-Torres!  She has only been with our agency for a couple months but has already proven to be an outstanding caregiver that emulates our family-centric philosophy.  Here is what our client said recently about Patricia; “Patricia is absolutely the best- she always thinks and anticipates things – even when not feeling good she is fantastic!  She worked up a chart for everyone of all the things that need to be done so I didn’t have to do it.  You have an absolute gem in her. She is a real leader and when GFHC grows and you need someone in a leadership position she might be someone to consider.  Just wanted you to know how she has made life so much easier and pleasant for us.  Thank you!”  D.S.

I could not be more proud that Patricia has impressed our client so favorably.  THANK YOU PATRICIA!

And thank you to our West Michigan community who we have the great honor to serve!

Stay safe,

Dan Gauthier


Gauthier Family Home Care