Home Care Can Help Seniors Manage Depression

Depression is something that a lot of seniors struggle with, but they may not talk about it. Studies have found that even though a huge percentage of seniors have symptoms of depression, seniors over 65 are less likely to recognize their symptoms as being caused by depression. Many just assume that feeling “blue” is part of getting older. If your senior parent talks about having less of an appetite, losing weight, or if they seem to lose interest in things they used to enjoy they may be suffering from depression.

Even if your senior parent isn’t talking about their feelings there are signs you can see that could indicate depression. If the house doesn’t look as clean as it used to, or if there’s more clutter that could be due to depression. If the laundry is piling up, or the dishes, it could be that your senior loved one is struggling. Home care can help. With home care your senior loved one will have some helping hands to tackle chores and a friendly person to talk with and hang out with. A few of the ways that home care can help your senior parent include:

Help With Meals

Home Care Cascade, MI: Managing Depression

 Home Care Cascade, MI: Managing Depression

If your senior loved one isn’t eating the way they should because they are depressed having a care provider can make it fun to cook again. With a friend to share the cooking duties and the cleanup meals will be something your senior loved one can look forward to. They may even enjoy sharing family recipes and tips with the care provider. 

Help With Housework

Housework can be a struggle for everyone. But when it starts to pile up it can be very intimidating, especially for seniors who may not have the strength they used to have. With help from a care provider your senior parent can get the house back in order and get projects like the laundry and deep cleaning done. When the house is clean and organized your senior parent may feel more motivated to keep it that way. 


Depression symptoms can get worse when a senior is alone for a long time. A caregiver can also be a friend that will do activities with your senior parent, watch TV or movies with them, go for walks with them, and make sure that they aren’t just sitting in the house alone all the time. If your senior parent seems to be more anxious or show more symptoms of depression at night you should consider having home care for them at night. Many seniors feel much more comfortable at night if someone is with them. 

Help With Medication 

If your senior parent is depressed they may decide to stop taking their medication. And if they don’t take their medication it could make the symptoms they are feeling worse. A trained caregiver can manage your senior loved one’s medications and make sure that they are taking their medications the way that they should. 

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