There’s good news for older adults who are scheduled for hip replacement and also suffer from lower back pain. According to a new study, having a hip replaced could also relieve low back pain. The study was conducted by researchers at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. The researchers followed 500 patients who had had hip replacement surgery for a period of 12 months. About 40 percent of them had complained of low back pain before surgery. Afterward, 82 percent of them said that their back pain had completely gone away.  


Of course, hip surgery won’t necessarily solve all types of back pain, but if your aging relative has back pain, there is some reason to hope that that problem could also be solved with surgery. Even if the surgery won’t take care of the senior’s low back pain, it’s still important that caregivers and older adults prepare for the upcoming procedure. By following the tips below, your older family member can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome and an easier time with recovery. 


Improve Fitness

Senior Care in Cascade, MI: Hip Replacements and Seniors

Senior Care in Cascade, MI: Hip Replacements and Seniors

Experts say that getting in better physical shape can help the older adult to recover from surgery faster. Those who are overweight will benefit from shedding some excess pounds. In addition, the senior should try to increase their upper body strength since it will help them to use crutches or a walker more easily. 


Senior care providers can assist by preparing meals that are low in calories, but still satisfying. They can also help the senior to feel more comfortable doing strengthening exercises at home since the older adult will know the senior care provider is there to provide aid if needed. 


Practice with Crutches or a Walker 

Rent, borrow, or purchase crutches or a walker ahead of time, so the senior can begin getting comfortable using them before surgery. By learning how to use them prior to the procedure, the older adult will feel more confident using them and may be less likely to fall.  


senior care provider can assist your aging relative in learning how to use their crutches or walker. By having a senior care provider nearby, there’s less need to worry about falling.  


Make Changes to the Home 

You may need to make some changes to the older adult’s home to make it easier for them to live in after the surgery. For example, if the older adult’s bedroom is not on the same floor as the bathroom, you may wish to convert a room near the bathroom into a temporary bedroom. In addition, make certain everything the older adult will need is placed within easy reach of their bed or chair, such as the remote control, telephone, tissues, etc. 


senior care provider can assist with making sure your loved one has everything they need during their recovery at home. If the older adult needs a drink, a magazine, or something else, a senior care provider can bring it to them. 


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