Home Care Hudsonsonville MI: How Can You Help Your Senior Prevent Another Stroke?

Home Care Hudsonville MI: How Can You Help Your Senior Prevent Another Stroke?

The first thing that likely comes to mind after your senior has suffered a stroke is how they will recover and what you can do to help them through the healing process. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to also be thinking about how to help your parent avoid another stroke. Stroke risk dramatically increases after having a stroke, which means that if your parent has recently experienced one of these severe medical emergencies, their potential for suffering another is now higher. It is vital for you to be aware of this risk and to make helping your parent prevent another stroke a central part of their regular care routine.

Use these tips to help your senior prevent another stroke:

  • If your senior has high blood pressure, help them to take steps to lower it. This can include modifying their diet as well as potential medical interventions. Talk to their doctor about medications and other management efforts that may be right for your parent considering at their house and other factors
  • If you’re aging loved one is overweight, help them at to shed the extra pounds. This not only takes the strain off their body, but it helps their cardiovascular health and reduces risk of health issues that can further the risk for stroke, such as diabetes
  • Help your parent to adopt a more active lifestyle. Regular exercise is a critical part of supporting health and keeping their body strong while reducing the risk of another stroke. Talk to their doctor about how much exercise is right for them, to get recommendations for the types of exercise that may be best for your parent. Exercises such as swimming, water aerobics, walking, and dance classes are often favored by adults for being accessible, fun, and effective
  • Help your parent to eat a healthier diet on a daily basis. This includes reducing the sodium and cholesterol in their foods, increasing fruits and vegetables, and making an effort to get all the nutrients your parent needs to thrive
  • If your senior smokes, help them to quit. Every day they do not smoke, their risk for suffering a stroke is lower
  • If you’re aging loved one lives with diabetes, make sure they are treating and managing it effectively. Diabetes is a risk factor for stroke, and the better it is managed, the lower the stroke risk

Independence and autonomy are important concepts for everyone, but can become even more important as your senior gets older. Many elderly adults struggle with challenges and limitations that keep them from being able to exert their independence and control their lives as much as they’d like. Starting home care for your loved one can help give this back to them. Your parent might struggle with feeling like they always have to wait for you or work their life around your schedule. An in-home senior care services provider can give them personalized care and support that allows them to instead take on more of their own daily tasks, stay active and engaged, and live the life that is right for them and their needs.

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