How Do Elder Care Providers Help Senior Citizens with Musculoskeletal Pain?

Research shows that shoulder stiffness, hip pain, neck pain, and back pain are are common musculoskeletal complaints in people who conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. If your elderly loved one needs help with these painful issues, there are many ways elder care providers can help them.

Going to Acupuncture Appointments

 Elder Care Cascade MI: Musculoskeletal Pain

If your elderly loved one struggles with musculoskeletal pain, you can hire elder care providers. These caregivers can take your loved one to acupuncture appointments. While not many people choose acupuncture over pain medications, it might be a good idea to encourage your elderly loved one to do so. This is a treatment that doesn’t have side effects like those that medications cause. It can help to relieve pain, inflammation, discomfort, and the stress that is associated with pain.

Changing Diet

Another way that elder care providers can help your loved one with musculoskeletal pain is by helping to change their diet. Research shows there are many foods that are filled with preservatives and harmful chemicals. There are many foods that have a lot of fat, salt, and sugar in them, too. These foods can cause inflammation in the body. The inflammation can lead to muscle pain and spasms. If your elderly loved one eats these foods regularly, they need to change their diet to replace those with healthier foods. The home care providers can sit with your loved one to make healthy meal plans each week.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation

If your elderly loved one suffers from musculoskeletal pain, they need to find ways to reduce tension in their body. Two of the things that can help with this are yoga and meditation. Both of these practices help people control their breathing. When your elderly loved one gets better control of their breathing, they can improve the oxygen flow into their body. Research shows that the better oxygen flow someone has, the less inflammation they have, as well.

If your elderly loved one isn’t sure how to start doing yoga or meditation, you can hire elder care providers. These providers can help your loved one find guided yoga and meditation videos online. If needed, they can stay with your elderly loved one to help them feel more relaxed, too.


Does your elderly loved one suffer from musculoskeletal pain? If so, it is important they find the right natural treatments to reduce their pain. If you hire elder care providers, they can help your elderly loved to implement the measures above. Some people start feeling better in their first few days of using these tips. Regardless, after a while, your elderly loved one should start to experience less pain.

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