When seasons change or in the middle of winter, many elderly people end up getting sick. They might just get a cold at the beginning. However, if the cold isn’t treated properly, it can cause your elderly loved one to get pneumonia. Pneumonia is a health condition where inflammation occurs in the lungs. It is caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other types of organisms. The inflammation causes fluid to go into the lungs. One of the first things you need to know is how to recognize pneumonia, so you can get your elderly loved one treatment if they have this condition.  


 Senior Care Hudsonville, MI: Seniors and Pneumonia

Your elderly loved one might have a cough that goes along with a normal cold. However, if that cough doesn’t go away, it could mean that they have pneumonia. Sometimes, the mucus from that cough can go into the lungs. This can cause your elderly loved one to cough up a yellowish, greenish, or bloody type of substance.  

Chest Pains 

Many people with pneumonia will experience chest pains, as well. This is likely because the infection has gone into their lungs, making it painful for them to cough or even to breathe. In some cases, coughing deeply can cause sharp, stabbing pains in one’s chest. If your elderly loved one is having chest pains, you should make sure they get immediate medical attention.  

Feeling Fatigued  

If your elderly loved one has pneumonia, it is likely they are going to feel quite fatigued. Since your elderly loved one is a senior citizen, they likely don’t have a lot of energy as it is. Being sick with pneumonia on top of that is a lot for their body to handle. This can drain all of their energy right out of their body. If your elderly loved one is feeling extremely fatigued and they have any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should have them see a doctor right away. They could have pneumonia.  


Now you know more about the most common symptoms of pneumonia. With this information, you and the senior care providers will know what to look out for when taking care of your elderly loved one. If your elderly loved one has any of these symptoms, you or their senior care provider should get them medical attention. Don’t wait it out as the symptoms could worsen quickly. When your elderly loved one gets the treatment they need and get to go home from the hospital, they might need you or a senior care provider there to help provide more of their care until they are feeling better.  


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