The busy holidays can be challenging. You’re trying to balance the help your parents need with holiday shopping. You have your own home to clean and decorate, but your parents’ home also needs your attention. Plus, you also have a full-time or part-time job. 
If your parents constantly interrupt you while you’re trying to get things done, put on a holiday movie to keep them entertained while you complete chores. There is some fun, new holiday movies available on free streaming sites and some paid streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. 
The Christmas Chronicles 2

Home Care Hudsonville, MI: New Holiday Movies

A few years ago, Kurt Russell starred in a holiday movie about a brother and sister who set out to catch Santa on video camera. This time, Goldie Hawn joins her husband as they join forces to stop Christmas from being canceled. 
Christmas on the Square 
Dolly Parton has her own Christmas movie on Netflix. It also stars Christine Baranski and Treat Williams. In this movie, Christine Baranski plays Regina Fuller, an all-business woman, who opts to make money by selling some land. Her actions threaten the joy of the season by causing hardship for everyone in the town. 
While there’s some adult humor, this holiday romance is enjoyable. Emma Roberts is sick of her family trying to set her up with a variety of men. When she meets a guy while returning a gift, they agree to team up and be each other’s “date” to keep their family members off their backs. They never expect their fun arrangement to lead to true love. 
Jingle Jangle 
This Netflix musical stars Keegan-Michael Key, Hugh Bonneville, and Forest Whitaker. When his apprentice steals his invention, Jeronicus Jangle gives up on the magic of the season. It’s up to his granddaughter to help him find the magic once again. 
Operation Christmas Drop 
A congressional aide heads to a beachside military base on her boss’s orders. Her goal is to find a reason to shut it down. There, she experiences a holiday tradition that has her second-guessing her boss’s goals. The Operation Christmas Drop aspect of the film is based on real events, and it adds a romantic twist. 
Instead of struggling to find extra time, look into home care services. Caregivers can help your parents complete cleaning tasks, shop for groceries, and cook meals. That’s just a start. Learn more about the many home care services that are available by calling an agency. 


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