Prevention of Heart Failure – What Helps?

Unfortunately, there are so many elderly people who have heart disease. Some of them have heart failure. If you are concerned about your elderly loved one’s heart health, it would be best to learn as much as you can about preventing heart failure. The sooner your elderly loved one does things to protect their heart health, the better it will be for them.

No Smoking of Any Kind

 Companion Care at Home in Kentwood, MI: Heart Failure and Seniors

Does your elderly loved one smoke any cigarettes? Do they vape with vaping juice that has nicotine in it? Are they are cigar smoker? Even if they don’t smoke a lot, any kind of vaping is bad for the heart. If your elderly loved one is a smoker, you can have them see their doctor. There are ways to stop smoking and certain prescriptions the doctor can give to help your elderly loved one with this. The sooner they quit smoking, the sooner their heart health can start improving.

Being Physically Active

Do you know how much your elderly loved one spends moving around every day? Research shows that people who have heart failure often don’t move around as much as those who are able to prevent heart health issues. One of the ways that you or a companion care at home provider can get your elderly loved one moving around more is to make them a walking plan. For example, 5 days a week – when your elderly loved one gets up, you should encourage them to walk for 10 minutes. In time, when they get used to regularly walking, they can increase their time.

Diet is Key

The food that your elderly loved one eats is essential to preventing heart failure. Studies show that fatty, sugary, and sodium-filled foods can all lead to heart disease and heart failure. If your elderly loved one is currently eating these types of food a lot, you or a home care provider should help them create a diet plan. This can include slowly replacing some of that unhealthy food for healthier choices. In time, hopefully, your elderly loved one won’t be eating much of the junk food and they will be focusing on eating healthier.


Do you want to help your elderly loved one prevent heart failure? If so, the tips above are excellent ways for this to happen. Talk to your elderly loved one about the tips and have them pick even one to start with. When they make that a part of their life and stick to it, they can add another tip. The more healthier choices they make, the lower their risk of heart failure will be.

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