Your mom and dad need help around the home. You’ve noticed that they let laundry pile up until you arrive for a visit. Their trash bin is full of pizza boxes. Your mom missed her last doctor’s appointment because she forgot all about it. 
Is it time to step in and start helping out? Here are some of the common responsibilities you’d be taking on if you become a family caregiver. 
Personal Care and Grooming

Caregiver Grand Rapids, MI: Responsibilities of Family Caregivers

Personal care and grooming are often tasks your parents would rather have you help with. It may differ. Some older adults would rather have a stranger helping with showers and dressing. If your parents are in the group that prefers someone familiar, you’ll be helping them get showered, dried off, and dressed for the day. 
If your parents’ eyesight changes, their eye doctor will tell them to stop driving. If they are on prescription medications that cause dizziness, drowsiness, or loss of focus, they have to be very careful if it’s safe to drive or if it’s time to hand over the keys. Some health conditions also impact your mom or dad’s ability to drive. 
When your parents cannot drive, someone has to take over. You’ll be escorting them to medical and dental appointments. You’ll have to take them shopping and out on other excursions. 
Medication Reminders 
When medications are necessary for your parents’ health, someone needs to make sure they’re taking them correctly. Medication reminders are one thing you’ll probably be helping them do each day. 
You’ll also be helping your parents remember to call their doctor for prescription refills. Picking up the refills or watching for their arrival in the mail is also something you’ll be helping with. 
If your parents are no longer cooking healthy meals on their own, you’ll need to start. At least once a week, you should prep the meals for several days that your parents can quickly heat up in the oven or microwave. 
You may also need to take your parents shopping for the ingredients and other groceries they need. You can help them choose healthier options and read nutritional labels. 
Balance Family Care With Paid Caregivers 
One thing you cannot do is let the help you offer your parents overwhelm you. You can’t stop socializing and living your own life in order to help them 24/7. You need to take breaks. 
Professional caregivers are available to help you out by taking over for a few hours. With caregivers providing respite care, you take breaks to socialize, go on vacation, or have a lazy day. Call a home care agency to arrange services. 

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