What Can 24-hour Home Care Do for Your Senior?

There may be more circumstances in your senior’s life right now that make having overnight assistance a really good idea. But what can 24-hour home care do for your senior? It turns out that there’s a lot of assistance that these caregivers can offer, even if your elderly family member only needs a little bit of help.

Help to Reduce Her Fall Risk

24-Hour Home Care in Cascade, MI: Benefits of Home Care

 24-Hour Home Care in Cascade, MI: Benefits of Home Care

Fall risk may be greater for your senior at some times of day than at others, like being less stable on her feet at night. If she has more trouble overnight, then having caregivers with her overnight can be a huge help. Whether the problem is getting up in the middle of the night to get safely to the bathroom or nighttime medications making your senior feel less stable on her feet, knowing there’s someone there with her is important.

Assist with Mobility in General

At any time of day, your elderly family member could have issues with mobility. If that’s the case, then 24-hour home care ensures that there is help there with your aging family member to assist her any time she needs to get up and move around. Having elder care there with your senior may even help her to be more mobile than she has been in the past because she knows that someone is there if she runs into trouble.

Offer Medication Reminders

It’s easy for your senior to lose track of time of day or even what day it is if there isn’t much that breaks up her day. Taking medications at the wrong time can throw her off in a lot of different ways. Reminders to take her medications, especially if they need to be taken with food, help to keep your senior on schedule no matter what else is going on.

Supervise Your Senior Overnight

Sometimes things change for your senior overnight. She might be okay during the day but find that as nighttime rolls around she starts to feel uncomfortable and out of sorts because of changes in how her brain works. That can lead to insomnia and other issues overnight. 24-hour home care can reduce those issues for your senior, helping her to get the rest that she needs.

Help Her to Feel Safer at Night

There can be situations in which your elderly family member’s concerns are extremely valid ones and aren’t her brain playing tricks on her. If your elderly family member has anxiety or PTSD about being alone at night, home care providers there with her overnight can help her to feel safer than when she is completely alone. Knowing that she isn’t alone can alleviate those fears and allow her to get some sleep.

Having someone there when she needs them is really the most important factor for your senior. Overnight caregivers are able to be alert for whatever your elderly family member might need, whether that’s help with getting to the bathroom safely or just having someone to talk to during a few moments of insomnia.

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