What Personal Care Needs Does Your Dad Struggle to Complete Independently?

In 2018, just under 10% of older adults required help with personal care. If your dad has reached a point due to his health or physical abilities that he struggles to do things like brush and floss his teeth, wash his hair, or shave, it’s time to address personal care services.

How Often Should Your Dad Be Taking Care of Grooming and Hygiene?

Personal Care at Home East Grand Rapids, MI: Seniors and Personal Care

Personal Care at Home East Grand Rapids, MI: Seniors and Personal Care

Some grooming and hygiene tasks are necessary every day, while others aren’t as important. Brushing and flossing his teeth needs to take place twice a day. Shaving is something he could get away with every other day or so. Washing his hair could be done once a week in most cases.

Skin care is essential. After a shower, your dad should apply moisturizer to trap moisture in. As you age, your collagen stores diminish and skin can dry out and wrinkle. Staying hydrated will help, but moisturizer is just as important.

Nail care is another area where many older adults struggle. If your dad had a hard time trimming his nails, make sure someone is able to help him each month. It may be important to do this more often if his nails grow faster than average.

Does your dad have a harder time choosing suitable clothing for the day? This is especially common as Alzheimer’s progresses. He’ll have no recognition of seasons or months, and he might want to wear a heavy sweater and jeans all summer long, even if it’s too warm. He will need a personal care aide every day as this happens.

Dressing is one daily personal care need. Others include help with toileting, facial care, and foot care, especially if your dad is diabetic. He needs to make sure his feet don’t have cracks or sores that can become infected. Care aides can help him dry his feet, apply heel cream, and put socks on.

Ask Him for Input

Here’s the thing about older adults. They don’t like admitting they’re having difficulty with things that used to be so easy to do. They definitely hate feeling like a burden. Your dad is probably ashamed that he has to ask for him.

Bring up the subject and let him share his input. Make sure he knows he is supposed to be honest and upfront about exactly what would make him feel safer and happier aging at home. If he doesn’t want a family member helping him shower, talk about his options. Personal care is one of the first options to talk about.

Don’t let your dad struggle with hygiene and grooming. Hire personal care at home services to support him with everything from oral care to showering. With assistance, he’s able to avoid infections and feel better about himself. Call a specialist in personal care at home to discuss prices and get answers to your questions.

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