4 Ways Seniors Can Get More Sunlight In The Winter

The days are getting shorter, and the lack of sunlight can really affect the health of seniors. Lack of sunlight can cause both physical and mental health problems, especially for seniors that are prone to depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression can take a big toll on seniors. But one of the best ways that seniors can fight SAD and depression is getting more sunlight during the winter. There are a few different things seniors can do to get more light and improve their health this winter like:

Going Outside

Elder Care Rockford, MI: Seniors and Sunlight

Elder Care Rockford, MI: Seniors and Sunlight

When the weather permits seniors should bundle up and go outside on sunny days. Even just walking around the block in the sun will help seniors get that boost of natural light they need to be healthy. Fresh air and sunshine are great for seniors no matter what the season is. Of course, in the winter there may not be too many sunny days but whenever there is one seniors should get outside and take advantage of it. 

Keeping Curtains And Blinds Open All Day

Seniors may think that keeping the blinds and curtains closed all day will help save on energy costs and remove drafts. And while it might help a little with those things the sunlight exposure that seniors get by opening the blinds and curtains will far outweigh any savings in electricity costs. Seniors should open their blinds and curtains as much as possible to let in as much light as they can during the winter days. Seniors with elder care can ask their elder care provider to make sure the window curtains are open during the day and shut at night to help them get more light in the house. 

Using Natural Light Bulbs

Another way that seniors can maximize their exposure to natural light is to replace some of their existing light bulbs with natural sun light bulbs. These types of bulbs mimic the light of the sun and can be a great tool for helping seniors avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression. Natural light bulbs are easy to find and fit into almost all standard lamps. An elder care provider can help seniors change the light bulbs if they need help. 

Visiting A Local Botanical Garden

Seniors can also get a quick health boost of natural light by visiting the local botanical garden. Most botanical gardens have stunning indoor gardens in the winter that are warm and filled with natural light from skylights and special lamps that mimic natural light so that the flowers and plants will grow. Spending time in some of the indoor gardens at the botanical garden will improve a senior’s health and mood significantly. Seniors who no longer drive or don’t want to drive in the winter can visit the center with a home care provider who can handle the transportation and spend the day at the garden with your senior loved one. Getting out of the house and spending time in a lovely garden even though it’s winter will be great for any senior.

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