Help Us Choose Your Ideal Caregiver

Choose Your Ideal Caregiver

The CareProfiler technology helps us screen applicants for the most qualified caregivers in West Michigan.  We are not just relying on “gut” feeling on these folks, we are using proven psychological science.



Care Profiler Caregiver Selector

Now, with IC24 (Ideal Caregiver 24), we have introduced a new tool to further enhance our ability to match the caregiver with your family loved one using the same data points incorporated in the screening tool.  We ask you similar questions about what your family thinks the ideal caregiver would be for your loved one, and then use the results of that questionnaire to automatically find the best caregiver in our employ.  When we say we will match up the best caregiver for your family, we mean it.

We will follow up with an email explaining the results!  Thank you for your interest in finding the best caregivers in West Michigan!

If you would like to find out how this science works, please on the button below and fill out the brief questionnaire.