5 Warning Signs That an Elderly Driver Is No Longer Safe

Driving is something that most of us take for granted. We learn how to drive in high school, and then become licensed to drive at age 16. After that, we continue to drive, and we never give the process another thought. This is true even when it comes to elderly drivers.

Even those of a certain age who have never had an accident may not realize that they are no longer safe to drive. If you have an elderly driver in your family who shows any of the following signs, you may want to consider taking away their keys for their own good and passing them to a companion carer at home .

Sign #1: They Are Getting Hurt

 Companion Care at Home in Jenison, MI: Seniors and Driving

To be a good driver, we need to have good reflexes. As your senior gets older their reflections might slow down. If your loved one has been involved in a car accident, or has been injured in an accident, it may be time for them to stop driving.

Sign #2: They Are Distracted

Distractions can be a major problem for older drivers, especially if they are not used to them. If your loved one is having trouble with GPS systems and smartphones, they may be at a higher risk of an accident.

Sign #3: They Drive While Feeling Ill

While many elderly drivers think that they can drive while feeling ill, the truth is that they are much more likely to have a serious accident in such a case. If you notice that your loved one is driving while feeling ill, you should insist that they pull over and call for a ride.

Sign #4: They Have Trouble Retaining New Information

Driving is a complex task. Drivers must be able to retain a lot of information in order to be safe on the road. If your elderly loved one is having trouble remembering how to get to a destination, or if they are having trouble remembering what the speed limit is, it may be time to take away their keys.

Sign #5: They Are Having Trouble Seeing

It is normal for people to experience a decline in their eyesight as they age. However, if this decline is serious enough that your elderly loved one is having trouble seeing street signs and other markers on the road, it may be time to take away their keys.

What Should You Do?

Driving can be an important part of a senior’s life. It can provide them with a sense of independence, and a way to show the world that they are still active and engaged.

But driving isn’t just fun- it’s also a responsibility that requires a great deal of skill. If your senior wants to stay safe on the road, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that indicate a senior driver is no longer safe to drive.

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