Caregiver of the Month October 2023

Caregiver of the Month

Please help me to congratulate Alex Goodwin as we honor her as our October Caregiver of the Month!

Alex has only been with GHFC for about 6 months but continues to show us what a great addition to our team she is. Alex has become one of our “go to” caregivers that we know our clients are going to love and she is going to give them great care. We have only heard great things about Alex from our clients as well as her co-workers.

Alex had no experience in home care professionally before joining us, but she did help take care of her great grandmother for about a year and a half. Alex came to us only wanting 1st shift but has since worked 2nd and 3rd shifts as well. Alex has time and time again tried new things with clients, things she never thought she would do. Her clients are always amazed at how great she does and how much she puts her heart into the things she says and does for them.

Here in the office, we all talked about who we agreed should get Caregiver of the Month, and although we have so many great options to pick from, our first choice was Alex, for a very good reason. Alex continues to amaze us with switching her shifts around, coming in early, staying late, and picking up extra shifts, all while going to college.

Alex has such great compassion for her clients. She builds such a great relationship with them and makes them feel comfortable as she has such a calm and kind personality. She has worked with clients who have higher needs physically and mentally. She continues to show them that no matter what they need, she is there for them.

We can’t say enough about Alex and her contribution to our team! She is dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients who have trusted us with their care. We thank you Alex for your service to our clients and the community around us.

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