Loneliness Can Be Deadly: Is Your Senior Parent At Risk?

Companion care at home can provide aging seniors needed encouragement and support to battle loneliness.

Companion care at home can provide aging seniors needed encouragement and support to battle loneliness.

One of the biggest health risks seniors living alone face is one that you may not expect- loneliness. According to doctors and researchers, loneliness is reaching epidemic levels among seniors who are aging in place.

Often, seniors who choose to stay at home live far away from family and friends, which means they spend most of their time alone. If you can’t visit your mom or dad often, or if you visit when you can but it’s hard to find the time because of work, kids, and other responsibilities, companion care at home may be the answer.

Companion care at home providers are dedicated home caregivers for seniors. In this type of care, your mom or dad will get regular visits from a caregiver who will spend quality time with them.

A companion will do things like share meals with your senior parent. They will also play games, watch TV, or just hang out and talk with them. Companion care at home gives seniors the social connection and engagement they need to stay healthy.

Some other things that can help your mom or dad avoid being lonely at home include:


Stay Connected with Family and Friends Through Video

Regular communication with family members and friends can be immensely comforting. Group texts, group video chats or Zoom hangouts, and regular phone calls can reassure your mom or dad that you love and miss them. A quick five-minute daily phone call is all it takes to give your mom or dad the security of knowing you’re checking up on them and care about them.


Join Social Groups or Clubs Online

Many communities offer clubs and groups specifically for seniors that meet online, such as book clubs, gaming clubs, or conversation groups. Participating in these activities provides opportunities for social interaction and helps build a sense of community. A companion care at home provider can help your mom or dad figure out how to start a video chat or join a Zoom.


Exploring Hobbies and Interests

Pursuing hobbies and interests can keep your senior parent engaged and reduce feelings of loneliness. Encourage your parent to take up activities they enjoy, such as knitting, painting, playing musical instruments, or gardening.



Volunteering can be a fulfilling way to stay connected with others and contribute to the community. Many organizations welcome senior volunteers for activities like mentoring, tutoring, or helping with other tasks that can be done on the phone or online.


Get a Pet

Having a pet can provide companionship and reduce feelings of loneliness. Pets can also encourage physical activity and social interaction, such as talking to neighbors during walks. Companion care at home providers can help seniors with pet care.

If owning a pet isn’t feasible for your mom or dad, they may want to consider fostering a pet at home. When seniors foster pets, all of the animal’s food and medical expenses are paid for. Or, if your mom or dad can manage to get to the shelter, they can volunteer to socialize the pets that are up for adoption by playing with them and loving them.



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