Elder Care Benefits of Senior Social Engagement

Social Seniors: Elder Care Kentwood MI

Social Seniors: Elder Care Kentwood MI

If you live with an older loved one, it is evident that an active lifestyle is not in the plan. Many people over 65 would rather spend the entire day on the couch or in bed. While this is usually the case, ensuring seniors engage socially is critical to their overall health and well-being. Research by the National Institute on Aging shows a correlation between optimum health and social interaction among older adults. Besides social engagements, a professional elder care service can help your loved one lead a healthier lifestyle, including being physically active, eating a balanced diet, and helping with injury recovery. Here are the benefits of social interactions for older loved ones.

Improved Emotional Health

Maintaining meaningful relationships is critical as we age, as it builds a sense of self-worth and belonging. Nothing is more frustrating and depressing than being alone when you can barely care for yourself. Older loved ones need to feel better inside, so seniors need to engage with others with similar interests and hobbies. A reputable elder care service is a good support system if you need help ensuring your loved one connects with others.

Enhance Cognitive Function

The NIH researched that social interactions among older adults can boost brain power. Seniors usually have problems with memory, and the situation is worse if they are diagnosed with dementia or other memory-related complications. However, participating in cognitively demanding and socially oriented activities like board games and crafts can enhance concentration and memory. In addition, these activities improve executive reasoning skills, which usually degrade with age.

Improved Physical Health

Whether it’s a regularly scheduled walk with other seniors or a home workout instructed by the elder care professional, it improves overall physical health and well-being. Relationships support more physical activity, resulting in health benefits such as enhanced mobility, disease prevention, flexibility, and balance. Sometimes your loved one may be unable to engage in social activities, so hiring a trained elder care expert is an ideal solution.

Increased Longevity

Did you know spending time with friends can stimulate mental and physical wellness? This is the case for people of all ages, especially older adults. A socially active senior is likely to live a longer and more fulfilled life than one who spends most of the time alone. Building social connections among seniors provides a dependable support system and alleviates stress, leading to a longer and healthier life.

Better Sleep

Rest is vital regardless of age and is important in an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional health. However, some seniors experience difficulties with sleep and often require medication to get sufficient rest. The NIH recommends social participation as an effective way to mitigate sleep disorders and other subsequent effects. Older adults should sleep at least eight hours daily to ensure they are fully rested and energetic.

There are many benefits to being socially active. Contact an elder care service for more information and professional help caring for an older loved one. You can also leverage their expertise and knowledge to detect complications and symptoms before things worsen.

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