Extra Communication Precautions to Take with Covid-19

By this point in the Covid-19 pandemic, people are starting to get used to the fact that they need to wear face masks in certain situations. For example, many people will still wear face masks when they are around their elderly loved ones, to help prevent them from getting sick. If this is something you do, you still may find that your elderly loved one can’t understand you well under the mask. There are some extra communication precautions to take with Covid-19.

Have Patience

In-Home Care Comstock Park, MI: Covid-19

 In-Home Care Comstock Park, MI: Covid-19

The number one thing to remember when you are wearing a mask and communicating with your elderly loved one is to have patience. They aren’t thrilled about not being able to fully understand you either. If you need to repeat things, just try to remember, that this is difficult for everyone. 

Speak a Bit Louder

Another communication precaution you can take to help your elderly loved one hear you better is to speak a bit louder. For example, have you encountered the in-home care providers talking with your elderly loved one. If so, you have probably noticed they are at least 1 or 2 tones louder than they used to be. By doing this, hopefully, your elderly loved one will be able to better understand what you are saying. 

Using Gestures

If your elderly loved one is still having trouble hearing you through your mask, using more gestures could help. For example, if you are asking your elderly loved one whether they want to stay inside or outside that day, you could point your finger in that room or toward the door. With what they do hear you say and the gestures you are using, your elderly loved one should be able to better understand you. 

Going with Your Elderly Loved One

There are certain places that still require masks. Depending on where your elderly loved one needs to go, it may be a good idea to have yourself or a senior care provider go with them to these places. That way, if there are communication issues between your elderly loved one and the people in these places, you can step in to help them understand each other better. 

Adjusting Hearing Aids

If your elderly loved one just isn’t grasping what anyone is saying, it may not have to do with the masks at all. You or an in-home care provider may need to take your elderly loved one into the doctor for a hearing test. Hearing aids might be necessary at this point. 


With Covid-19 and the mask situation, it is difficult for some people – especially the elderly – to fully understand what other people are saying. If this is an issue for your elderly loved one, hopefully, the tips noted above can help to improve the communication between them and other people they come into contact with. Remember, if your elderly loved one still isn’t hearing very well after using these tips, they may need a hearing test as something else could be going on. 

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