Family Caregivers Are Not Failures When They Realize They’re Stretched Too Thin

Two out of ten unpaid caregivers do not feel they’re emotionally, mentally, or physically healthy. This is concerning as it’s hard to provide the best possible care to a parent when you’re not feeling 100%. If you’re exhausted, burned out, or feel like you’re doing too much, it’s time to address your options.


Reevaluate What Your Dad Needs for Care

Personal Care at Home in Lowell, MI: Caregiver Stress

Personal Care at Home in Lowell, MI: Caregiver Stress


Go over what your dad needs for care. His needs may have changed. For example, you were having to take him shopping, but since his stroke, he doesn’t leave the house. Instead of taking him shopping, use grocery delivery or curbside pick-up to free up time to focus more attention on his personal care needs.


Your dad used to rely on you for bathing assistance because he had a bathtub/shower combination. As his mobility changed, your dad opted to have his bathroom changed to a walk-in shower unit that has a built-in shower seat. It reduced his need for help getting in and out of the shower. 


Make sure you reevaluate your dad’s care needs. You might find that you’re helping him with unnecessary things. Freeing up these tasks lessens your load.


Talk to Others in the Family


Other family members may be willing to help out if you’re feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t hurt to ask. You might find that your sister is happy to split your dad’s personal care and housekeeping tasks each week. Your brother might have weekends free to give you two days off.


If the answer is no, you still have other options. Ask your employer if there are benefits that cover adult day programs. It’s not common, but some companies are starting to address the difficulties employees face when an elderly parent relies on their children for care.


Professional caregivers are one of the best solutions. Instead of struggling to do everything without help, hire caregivers to help with personal care needs like bathing and dressing. You’ll be able to spend your time on the tasks you have on your list by eliminating everything else.


Hire Personal Care at Home Services


Personal care at home services are one of the best ways to support your dad while also taking care of yourself. You may feel it’s important to do everything, but you’re not trained to help a parent with personal care. It’s okay to admit there are some care tasks that you can’t help your dad complete.


Talk to a home care agency to learn more about personal care at home services. Prepare a list of questions your dad, you, and others in the family have. You’ll get prices and learn more about the things your dad needs during this conversation.

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