Diabetes is a complicated health condition that affects your senior on so many levels. One level that might surprise you both is how diabetes contributes to potential fall risk. That brings in other problems, like injuries and ailments that can affect your senior for a very long time to come. And diabetes can slow down your senior’s ability to heal from those injuries, which makes it even more important to find ways to properly manage diabetes.

Cardiovascular Problems

Senior Care East Grand Rapids, MI: Diabetes Complications

All sorts of cardiovascular problems make life more difficult for someone with diabetes. These issues can contribute to dizziness, lightheadedness, and other symptoms that might make a fall more likely. They can also make a stroke or heart attack more likely for your senior. Her doctor may have some very specific recommendations to avoid cardiovascular issues.

Vision Loss

Many people with diabetes experience at least some loss of vision, especially after a long period of uncontrolled blood sugar levels. When your senior can’t see well, it’s a lot more difficult for her to maintain her balance and her footing. It’s even more difficult if she’s experiencing other health issues that impact her vision, too.


Neuropathy is a condition that includes both pain and numbness in extremities. It’s extremely common for diabetics to experience neuropathy and that can make walking much more difficult. If your senior can’t feel where her feet are, she’s far more likely to trip and to experience a fall. She may even stop moving as much as she should, which creates a bigger problem as the neuropathy and her mobility both worsen.


High blood sugar is a problem, but the other end of the spectrum is just as bad. Low blood sugar, also called hypoglycemia, can cause fainting, dizziness, and lightheadedness. These are all problems that can cause your elderly family member to fall or to have difficulty with mobility.


A worst-case scenario for many diabetic people is amputation. This happens when blood sugar levels are out of control for too long and it affects the health of an extremity, like your senior’s feet, lower legs, and even hands. When your senior does go through amputation, that can significantly impact her ability to be mobile in a safe manner.

Controlling your senior’s blood sugar levels is a lot easier with some extra help. Senior care providers can assist your senior with sticking to a healthy diet, remembering to exercise, and remembering to test her glucose levels.

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