Low-Maintenance Pets That Provide the Companionship Your Dad Craves

Your dad is lonely and keeps talking about having a pet for companionship. You’re not sure it’s the best option. You’re not sure he can care for a dog, as he doesn’t go outside often. When he does, he has to be very careful walking around on his own. He’s fallen in the past, and you worry that a dog would pull him over.

Dogs are not the only pets that provide companionship. Here are some low-maintenance pets that provide companionship.


 Home Care Comstock Park, MI: Low-Maintenance Pets

A small fish tank with a betta is not only soothing to look at, but many fish will interact with their owner. Your dad could touch his finger to the side of the tank and see the fish follow his finger around. A male betta may puff up at his finger like he’s an intruder, getting a snicker from your dad in the process.


If your dad is okay feeding live insects to his pet, a gecko is a good choice for a companion. It may not love being handled a lot, but it will listen to him and provide entertainment for him as it walks around its tank. A heat lamp is needed to keep it warm and healthy.


A parakeet is a good bird for an older adult. They are content in their cage as long as they have room to spread their wings. He can also let his parakeet out for a fly around a room if he has the windows and doors closed to keep the bird from getting outside.

Parakeets need food, water, and a cuttlebone for the bird to trim its beak. As long as your dad handles it carefully from the time he gets it, his bird can be a gentle companion, happy to sit on his finger while he talks to it.


Overall, rabbits are not high-maintenance pets. They can be litter box trained, making it easy to keep the house clean if your dad lets his rabbit out of its cage when he’s awake. Rabbits also like to cuddle and can be fantastic lap pets.

He needs to make sure that his rabbit has stuff to chew. Raw carrots and greens are great treats for his rabbit.


Rats are intelligent and calm, and they’re happy to be pet and handled. They’re also excited to get exercise by running around in a hamster ball or on a hamster treadmill. They also like treats like slices of apple or raw baby carrots.

In-home care also ensures your dad enjoys regular companionship. He won’t need a pet to provide that emotional support he craves. He has caregivers stopping by as often as he wants. He can go on outings with his caregivers or stay home and watch movies with them. In-home care is easy to schedule and provides your dad with the friendship he craves. Call to learn more about pricing.

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