Pets and People – Learn About This Great Connection

Did your elderly loved one get a puppy or kitty during this pandemic? Maybe, they felt lonely and just wanted someone to spend their time with. Even if they didn’t get a pet yet, but they are thinking about it, this may be a good idea. Studies show there are numerous ways that pets and people connect and benefit one another. 

Time for Cuddling

Home Care Comstock Park, MI: Pets and People

Home Care Comstock Park, MI: Pets and People

Did you know that cuddling with a pet, especially a dog or a cat, can help to reduce troubling feelings? Doing this can also reduce stress, anxiety, loneliness, and the need for physical contact. With the pandemic, most elderly people were isolated from others to stop themselves from getting Covid. The problem with this was they were missing hugging their family members and spending time with people. This could still be happening for your elderly loved one more than they would like. If that is the case, talk to them about getting a pet. If necessary, maybe you or a home care assistance provider can help with feeding or letting it out. 

Better Health

Did you know that having a pet can also reduce the risk of heart health issues? Studies show that owning a cat or a dog, especially when spending a lot of time with that pet, can reduce triglycerides, cholesterol, and blood pressure. It can also help to improve the immune system which is great for many senior citizens who are already struggling with a higher risk of getting sick. 

Exercise Motivation

One more reason that a dog is a great pet for senior citizens to have is that it encourages and motivates them to exercise. When owning a dog, someone will need to take the dog for walks, let it outside to play, and play with it indoors, too. All of this involves getting up and moving around – often. Your elderly loved one will likely be getting a lot more steps in each day just by taking their dog for a walk. If needed, you or a home care assistance provider could go on these walks with your elderly loved one and their pet. 

Sense of Purpose

Another way that owning a cat or a dog can benefit your elderly loved one is by giving them a sense of purpose. Most elderly people start feeling like they don’t matter or that they could be doing more with their life. However, studies show that having a pet can give them something to feel worthy about. It can also help them to feel like they matter to someone and that they are needed each day, too. 


There are many different connections between pets and people. If your elderly loved one doesn’t already have a pet, particularly a dog or a cat, but they are thinking about getting one, this may be something that you want to encourage due to all the benefits it can have on them. 

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