Caregiver Grand Rapids, MI

Caregiver Grand Rapids, MI

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday!  Why is that?  For me it is because the agenda is so simple; giving thanks for what we have.  The economy may be driven by the other big holiday that comes in December, but in this age of political correctness, we can only say “the holidays” now!!  Talk about an agenda…are you Christian?  Then it is Christmas.  But if you are Jewish, you wonder why everyone does not acknowledge Hanukkah?!  Or are you celebrating Kwanzaa?  God forbid (!) you are an atheist, now what?!

I do enjoy the December holidays, lest you get the wrong idea.  But Thanksgiving is special and brings out a most human sentiment; acknowledging the various blessings we all enjoy.  Of course it starts with family and food, the two most powerful drivers of our existence.  When we gather for Thanksgiving dinner, we feed off our family and close friends just as we do our over-populated plate of turkey and fixings.  How much more comfortable can it get?

As a relatively new home care agency here in west Michigan, I would like to say thank you to a few organizations / people who have inspired us and helped us achieve far more in our first couple years of existence that we would have ever imagined when we set out on this course.  I probably will miss some folks, but here goes, in no particular order, since they are all important to us:


  • Vicky Smit, former owner of Leaves Personal Care Services, who took care of my mother-in-law and inspired us to start our own agency.  She is nothing less than an angel!
  • Margaret Freund, we just completed a hospice case with her.  Another angel in our midst!
  • Mary Mathieu, for allowing me to work with her at the Alzheimer’s Association.  So rewarding!
  • Wayne Dantema, for his work with Alzheimer’s Association and always welcoming me at each meeting we attend!
  • Elizabeth Harrell, for her work with COA, her great support and her wonderful smiling face!
  • Cheryl Szczytko, for her courage to fight the fight and win, for her dedication to the WMHCN and for befriending and supporting me.  She is a special gal.
  • Caregiver Resource Network, thanks to Anne Ellermets and Mike Faber for driving this most unique and beneficent organization in support of family caregivers.  A simple idea that takes a lot of work to accomplish its goals so successfully.
  • Gerontology Network, thanks to another fantastic organization that exemplifies our community’s support of our senior population.
  • Senior Neighbors, ditto above!
  • Seniors Moving Smarter, thanks to Liz McCulloch and Cathy Wehlage for supporting our clients in transition!
  • Suzann Ogland-Hand, she is one of those talented professionals who makes Pine Rest such a vibrant and relevant organization in Grand Rapids.  That she is such a nice gal is just icing on the cake!
  • Tara Anderson, for her amazing collaboration with our agency to help our clients see a brighter future with her super client focused rehabilitation services!
  • Karen Bugg, she is so busy, but she takes my calls and helps our clients, always with a cheerful attitude.  Thanks Karen!
  • Madelon Krissoff M.D.,  she was so wonderful for my mother-in-law, and now we recommend her to all our clients, but most of them have already heard of her!
  • Paget McGee, for her great support and believing in us!
  • Our Caregivers, where would we be without the compassionate and professional ladies and gentlemen who nurture our clientele every day?  Nowhere!  THANK YOU ALL!
  • April Wells, oh what a game saver this young lady has been for our business and my mental health.  She has taken over the ever challenging scheduling responsibilities and constantly goes above and beyond the call to make sure our clients are all being taken care of.  Thank you April, I’d be lost without you!

And finally,

  • OUR CLIENTS,    THANK YOU to all the families we have had the honor of serving over the last couple years.  We sure hope you feel as satisfied with our services as we feel rewarded by providing them.


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