The Best Hygiene Tips For Seniors

Seniors that aging at home need to be sure that they are keeping up a good hygiene routine in order to be healthy physically and mentally. Seniors who need help maintaining a good hygiene routine because they have challenges like tremors or arthritis can get the the help they need from personal care at home. Personal care at home allows seniors to maintain their dignity and their hygiene. Some of the things that seniors can do to maintain good hygiene at home are:

Don’t Bathe Too Often

Personal Care at Home Grand Rapids, MI: Hygiene Tips For Seniors

 Personal Care at Home Grand Rapids, MI: Hygiene Tips For Seniors

Seniors that bathe too often can end up developing skin problems like dry skin and rashes. Hot showers or baths can be very damaging to a senior’s delicate skin. Instead of bathing daily seniors should bathe every other day or so. Seniors who don’t feel clean unless they shower daily can use disposable wipes like baby wipes to freshen up in between showers. After a shower or a bath seniors should apply body oil because it will moisturize and soak into the skin better than lotion. 

Wear Clean Clothes Every Day

Seniors should be changing into clean clothes every day. When seniors are at home all the time they may be tempted to wear the same clothes from day to day but that’s not going to help seniors with their hygiene. Even when they are not going out or not planning on going out seniors should wash their faces, brush their teeth, and put on clean clothes every single day. 

Put Some Effort Into Skin Care

Skin care is very important for seniors. Without proper skin care they can develop skin lesions and rashes. They may also get sunburned, age spots, or other skin problems if they are out in the sun often. Seniors should wear sun screen every single day even if the sun isn’t out. Seniors should also moisturize their skin with a thicker petroleum based lotion. Make sure that your snior loved one is maintaining the health of their skin, including their feet. 

Choose The Right Types Of Clothes

Another thing that seniors can do to maintain good hygiene is pick the right kinds of clothing. Seniors who have problems with their hands like arthritis that make it difficult to use their hands should avoid clothing that has a lot of buttons or zippers. Elastic waist pants that fit comfortably and are easy to pull down and pull up are the best choice for seniors. That way seniors won’t have any trouble when they need to use the bathroom.

Pullover shirts are easier for seniors than button down shirts, and pull on shorts will be more comfortable and easier to use than jeans or other pants that have heavy duty buttons and zippers.  Shoes should be slip ons so that seniors don’t have to worry about tying a shoe or getting down on the ground to try and take off a shoe. 

There are also socks and slippers that are designed to be easy to put on. Seniors who have trouble bending or who can’t easily grip the socks can us a special adaptive device that will help them pull a sock onto their foot and then up to full height.

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