4 Spring Upgrades Seniors Can Make To Their Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space: In-Home Care Kentwood MI

Outdoor Living Space: In-Home Care Kentwood MI

Now that spring is almost here it’s a great time for seniors to think about how they can upgrade their outdoor living space. With warm weather on the way making some improvements to outdoor living areas will give seniors who are aging at home the chance to enjoy spending time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. One of the many benefits for seniors that comes with aging at home is being able to spend time outside in the beautiful spring and summer weather. Seniors will enjoy their time outdoors much more with these outdoor living space upgrades.

A Firepit

Firepits are like outdoor fireplaces but they can be safely put in almost any yard. While seniors do need to be careful about fires using firepits is very safe. There are many different types of firepits that can be used outdoors including gas and electric options that are very safe for seniors to use because they turn on and off just by flipping a switch. Seniors with in-home care can have their in-home care provider work the firepit if they are nervous. Firepits are perfect to enjoy spring evenings outside when it’s still a little chilly.

Outdoor Couches

Many seniors don’t use their outdoor living space as much as they could because outdoor furniture can be uncomfortable, not very solid, and difficult for seniors to get safely in and out of without falling. But outdoor couches are large, sturdy, and built for the elements. They offer seniors a very comfortable place to sit our lounge outdoors and offer plenty of support. They also are usually low enough that seniors can easily sit down or get up.

A Pergola

A pergola is a structure that has a roof and sides that can be opened to the elements. So if your senior parent wants to enjoy the sun they can pull back the shades on the top and sides to let in the sun and breeze, but if the sun gets to be too much or it’s too bright your senior loved one can put the shade on the room or the sides down to give themselves a respite from the sun. By offering extra shade a pergola gives your senior loved one the chance to enjoy the fresh air without getting overheated.

A Swing Or Rocker

Many seniors love having a swing or a rocking chair on the patio or in the front yard so they can read, watch the world go by, talk to the neighbors, or chat with their in-home care provider throughout the day. Just make sure that swing or rocket is safe for seniors and is low enough to t the ground that seniors can easily get in and out of it. If your senior loved one chooses a free standing swing make sure the swing is supported by strong beams so that there’s no chance they can fall out of the swing or rocker.

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