Elder Care Can Be There For Your Mom When You Can’t Be

If you live far away from your mom it can be hard not to worry about her. Knowing she’s living alone and that you can’t get there quickly if something happens can cause a lot of anxiety. But elder care can help her be safe and happy.

Elder Care: Senior Independence in Ada, MI

Elder Care: Senior Independence in Ada, MI

If your mom has elder care to help her at home you can relax a little knowing that she isn’t alone. With elder care to help them seniors can be quite comfortable and safe in their own homes, even if they have home health challenges.


What Is Elder Care?

Elder care is in-home care for seniors where a caregiver comes to your mom’s house on a set schedule to help her. Caregivers provide a range of services based on the type of support that your mom needs.

If your mom has mobility problems or needs help getting around the house a care provider can help with that. If she needs help cooking, cleaning, and doing other tasks around the house elder care can do that.


What Does Elder Care Include?

The type of care that your mom needs will be based on her health and ability. As she gets older if she has more health problems or need additional help there are other types of care available that can fill in those gaps like personal care at home or skilled nursing at home. But, if your mom just needs a little bit of help around the house elder care can help with things like:



Giving up driving is a hard thing for many seniors because they feel like it means they are giving up their independence. If you live far away and can’t drive your mom to doctor appointments, salon appointments, and to do errands your mom may worry about becoming housebound. But an elder care provider can drive your mom wherever she wants to go. And they can make outings fun for her.



Shopping can be overwhelming and exhausting for seniors. It usually means a lot of walking on hard concrete floors, pushing a heavy cart, bending up and down to place items in the cart, and trying to keep track of a grocery list and their money.

Having a companion to go shopping with makes shopping much easier for seniors like your mom. Grocery shopping, gift shopping, clothes shopping, or household shopping is more fun with a companion who can keep your mom company, encourage her to take breaks and sit down, and help her with bags and purchases.


Light Housekeeping

Elder care doesn’t deep clean your mom’s home, but a care provider can help with light housekeeping like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and laundry. Keeping the house tidy and sanitary will help your mom’s physical health and emotional health.


Meal Preparation

Very often seniors don’t cook healthy meals for themselves because they don’t want the hassle of cooking for one person. If your mom doesn’t like to cook meals, or it’s physically hard for her to cook meals, elder care can help. A care provider can cook great meals and share them with your mom. Enjoying a great meal with a friend will keep your mom’s spirits up and improve her physical health.


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