Elder Care Options for Seniors with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a devastating injury with a range of symptoms that can lead to physical and mental disabilities in the elderly. More than 60 percent of all TBIs in seniors are caused by falls. Recovering from a traumatic brain injury is a long and difficult challenge because this type of injury changes a person’s everyday life.

Elder Care in Grand Rapids MI: Traumatic Brain Injuries

Elder Care in Grand Rapids MI: Traumatic Brain Injuries

For family members that have committed to taking care of an aging relative with a TBI, finding time to do everything they need is almost impossible. Between the demands of work, kids, spouse, and more, family members feel guilty that they can’t spend more time caring for their aging relative’s needs. That’s why so many families are investigating elder care options for loved ones with traumatic brain injuries.

About Traumatic Brain Injuries in Elderly Adults.

When an elderly person has a traumatic brain injury, it is usually due to a violent blow to the head, that affects the brain and causing dysfunction. The trauma can range from mild to severe and recovery really depends on the extent of the injury and the health of the person. Symptoms and long-term effects of TBI include headaches, dizziness, memory problems, lack of focus, mood swings, and some physical impairment. In serious cases, elderly adults may lose higher cognitive function, have affected speech and communication, loss of body functions and even a vegetative state.

In most cases, elderly adults are not able to do everything for themselves and their home that they once did. Not only can their mobility and balance be affected, but memory and thinking. This makes it difficult for them to keep up on housework, shopping, meal preparation and more. They may even struggle to bathe themselves or get dressed in the morning. No matter what level of severity a person’s traumatic brain injury is, they are more than likely going to need in-home care services.

Ways that Elder Care Aides Can Help Seniors with TBI Live At Home.

Recovery is a long, slow process with no guarantee that the elderly person will ever be back to how they were. Most recovery periods last from 6 months to more than two years. An elder care aide can accompany the recovering senior at home and step in to help them with all of their needs. Elder care aides are trained on the best methods of personal care for elderly adults, such as bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting.

The elder care assistant can also care for the house by doing laundry, cleaning, and maintenance. Meal prep, driving, and general companionship are other services that an elderly person has need for when they are recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Of course, family members can take on as much responsibility as they want, but having a trained professional elder care assistant there for as long as they are needed is a great relief to both seniors and their family members.

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