February National Library Lovers Month, Why Reading Is Healthy

As you get older you need to find ways to keep your brain sharp and your mind active. One of the best ways to do that is by reading books every month. This doesn’t mean you have to commit to ten books a month. But by having a goal of 1-2 books per month you can actively read something you enjoy, keep busy, and continue to work on brain health. There are so many benefits to reading as a senior and that is why you should start National Library Lovers Month off by picking out a new book and starting a new reading habit. Libraries are the best way to gain free access to books. Reading does not have to be an expensive hobby, it is free, and you don’t have to collect any physical books because when you’re done you can return them back. Here are all of the health benefits of reading as a senior:

It Keeps Your Mind Sharp

By reading more you are improving your cognitive health as a senior. Your brain health matters more as you get older. You will want to find ways to keep your brain sharp and continue learning new things. Books come in all genres and formats. This means you can easily pick something up that will challenge you, but know you can work through it. Reading allows your brain to make new connections or connect what you’re reading with something you previously learned. All of this is using your cognitive abilities as a senior. Reading will help prevent cognitive decline as you age because it helps build on the network of cells and neurons doing work, the more you read, the better and stronger that connection becomes.

Home Care: Senior Hobbies in Hudsonville, MI

Home Care: Senior Hobbies in Hudsonville, MI

If you need help getting to and from the library, ask a home care provider if they would be willing to help provide transportation. Even if you can’t drive there are other methods of transportation that will help you get to the library. Home care providers may love taking you to the library and can even help you carry books if necessary. It’s time to ask so you can enjoy National Library Lovers Month.


Reading Helps Your Memory

You know that reading allows you to make new connections but as you are making those connections unknowingly, you are also allowing yourself to remember things. You remember other things you have learned from other books or even from several years prior, but you are also remembering what chapters in the present book you have just read. By reading you are being forced to remember what you are reading about so you can make those connections later on. This is a fun way to train your brain into remembering things better.

You Learn New Things

There are so many books out there written by so many different kinds of authors, you are sure to find something you will love. You can learn about a new timeline, a new way to live, a new diet, a new person, almost anything you want to learn is within your reach at the library. The beautiful thing about reading is it can take you any place you want to go, all you have to do is pick up the book.

You’ll Use Your Imagination

When you choose an action or high fantasy book you are using your imagination. This makes life more fun and can help you take a break from real life stressors. You can feel the writer’s creativity and let your mind wander off while you get absorbed in their words. Imagination is not just for kids.

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