Six Benefits of Home Care Assistance

As your dad gets older, he has a harder time taking care of himself and his home. You’re starting to wonder more about the benefits of home care aides. Here are the six key benefits your dad gets from having caregivers.


Home Care Assistance Hudsonville, MI: Home Care Benefits

Home Care Assistance Hudsonville, MI: Home Care Benefits

When your dad has home care aides stopping by regularly, he’s less likely to become lonely or feel isolated. He’ll have caregivers available for afternoons playing cribbage or taking walks with him. If he needs someone to join him on shopping trips or when running errands, he has a caregiver by his side.

Grooming and Hygiene

As your dad’s mobility changes, he has a harder time standing for long periods. That makes it hard for him to properly wash up in the shower. He can have a caregiver available to help him reach items while he showers from a seated position on a shower chair. His caregiver can support him as he gets out and help him dry off and get dressed.

Caregivers can brush and floss your dad’s teeth, help him with skin care and nail care routines, and assist with the grooming of both his facial hair and hair.


Your dad’s caregivers can clean his home for him. He’ll have home care assistance services like vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. His caregiver can sanitize door knobs, light switches, remotes, and phones.

Items that are left out and need to be put away are not a problem when your dad has a caregiver. Clutter becomes a thing of the past.


Each week, your dad’s sheets and towels are removed and put in the wash. His dirty clothing is also laundered and put away once they’re dry and folded. If he needs to have items ironed, that’s an option, too. His bed is made with clean sheets before he’s ready for bed.

Medication Reminders

Your dad may have a bad habit of forgetting to take the necessary pills. He keeps forgetting to take his heart medication or cholesterol meds. With his caregiver offering medication reminders, he won’t forget anymore.

His caregivers can also pay attention to how many pills he has left before a refill is needed. If he needs help ordering the refill online or by phone, his caregiver can help him.


Since his doctor told him to stop driving, your dad has felt trapped at home. He doesn’t have to. His caregiver can drive him to area stores and businesses. If he has an appointment, his caregiver will bring him. If he wants to go to lunch or the local park, his caregiver is able to do that, too.

Would you like to learn more about these services and the price of caregivers? An advisor is happy to answer your questions, help you understand how it works, and schedule services.

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