Top Apps to Monitor a Senior Citizen’s Health

Are you wondering what the best way is to monitor your elderly loved one’s health? Maybe, you can’t get to their house every day or even multiple times a week, but you want them to keep track of their blood pressure or medications. There are numerous apps that can help monitor your elderly loved one’s health. These apps have been beneficial for many senior citizens. Hopefully, they can benefit your loved one, too. 

Using Medcoach

Elder Care East Grand Rapids, MI: Monitoring Apps

 Elder Care East Grand Rapids, MI: Monitoring Apps

One app that is truly beneficial for the elderly is Medcoach. This is an app that gives medication reminders. If your elderly loved one is taking a lot of medications, they may forget which ones they need to take and when. The app can help to organize the list of all their meds, when they need to be refilled, and when they need to be taken. This can take a lot of stress off from your elderly loved one, so they don’t have to worry so much about their medications. 

Using Fooducate

If you are worried about your elderly loved one’s heatlh, another app that could benefit them is Fooducate. This is an app that helps people to decide which foods they should be eating. Basically, your elderly loved one can use it at the grocery store to check which foods are healthier for them than others. For example, if your elderly loved one likes a certain snack, they can check the grade on that snack and see which snacks would be healthier alternatives. They can do the same thing for drinks and meals, too. 

Using Ontrack Diabetes

Another app that is great for senior citizens who have diabetes is Ontrack Diabetes. This app was developed to help people track and monitor their blood glucose levels. If this is something that your elderly loved one’s doctor wants them to do, the app can help with that. There is even a spot on the app that allows for notes and symptom tracking. That way, if your elderly loved one experiences a blood glucose spike or drop, they can make a note as to what they ate or drank. That way, if certain foods make their blood glucose levels worse, they can avoid those in the future. 


There are so many health issues that senior citizens often face. That is one reason why some elderly people are on so many different medications and have to see multiple doctors. If this is the case for your elderly loved one or they have a condition such as diabetes, it is helpful to know there are apps that can help to manage their health. 


You or elder care providers can work with your elderly loved one to set up these apps and use them correctly. Hopefully, in time, your elderly loved one will learn to use these apps on their own, so they won’t need as much help. If there are other health issues of concern, you can easily search up apps to help with those issues, too. 

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