How Often to Call or Visit Your Elderly Parent

Senior Home Care: Family Support for Aging Parents in Ada, MI

Many seniors are choosing to age in place and that may leave you the question on how often you should be visiting your elderly parents? The truth is, it will depend on how well they are aging in place and if they need any extra help. Even with help from senior home care you will…

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Why Seniors Should Focus on Eating More Turmeric

Senior Home Care: Benefits of Turmeric in Rockford, MI

You may know that diet is essential, but with all of the misinformation online, it can be hard to know which foods or even herbs to focus on. The truth is there are tons of health benefits to eating herbs like turmeric, but you will always need to ask a doctor to ensure no side…

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10 Benefits Seniors Get From Playing Video Games

Senior Home Care

More seniors than ever are playing video games, and getting some big benefits from those games. Most people think that videogames are just for kids. But there are very real cognitive, social, and health benefits that seniors get from playing video games. There are a wide variety of games that seniors can choose from like…

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