How To Help a Senior With Bunions

Bunions are something that many people get and can be painful. It is a bony spot on the front of your toes or at the joints. As seniors age, the bunions can get worse unless they are fixed. However, not everyone can afford surgery to fix bunions, and some seniors may not find it necessary. There are ways that companion care at home can help a senior battle the pain from bunions.

It may not be the easiest way to fix the pain, and some of them are temporary solutions to manage the pain, but they can be used and may help alleviate symptoms. The only way to get rid of the bumps on the toe joints is through surgery, but it isn’t always realistic for every senior to go through.

Keep reading if you are looking for ways to help your parents or tips to recommend companion care at home. These are easy and affordable ways to battle the pain that comes with bunions. Unfortunately, bunions won’t ever go away on their own; it needs treatment. Pressure on the feet can make bunions a lot worse, so seniors need to take care of their feet and listen to their bodies when it hurts.

Manage Weight

 Companion Care at Home in Jenison, MI: Seniors and Bunions

One of the things companion care at home can help with is managing a healthy lifestyle for a senior. Managing weight keeping them healthy and active will also help lower bunion pain. Bigger individuals may have a higher risk of developing bunions and the more weight a senior gains the more painful they will get.

Moleskin Pads for Bunions

Shoes can rub against a bunion and increase pain. One of the best ways to prevent this pain is from buying moleskin pads from the drugstore. This will protect a seniors bunion from rubbing against shoes and keep it from hurting while wearing shoes.

Buy Bunions Socks

Keeping a pair of socks with separate big toe holes will help separate the toes and stretch them out in a nice way. These are also usually padded on the side making them good for everyday use. It is easy to manage the pain from bunions with these socks.

Wear Warm Socks

If a senior doesn’t like the bunion socks with separate toes and the padding, they may prefer warm socks. When bunions get too cold it can cause unnecessary pain. Warming up a pair of socks can help relieve a seniors bunion pain and keep them warmer during the winter.

Buy Proper Shoewear

By buying shoes that are too small, narrow, or uncomfortable it can make bunions feel worse. The shoes should be wide enough that the bunions won’t rub against the shoes. This will protect the bunion and keep the senior walking around for much longer. There is no doubt this tip is one of the best ways to ensure a senior stays comfortable. Companion care at home can help a senior try on multiple pairs of shoes to find the right fit.

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