Top Factors That Lead to Age-Related Memory Problems

Is your elderly loved one starting to suffer from memory loss? There are so many conditions and diseases that can cause memory loss in the elderly population. However, there are also many elderly people who have memory loss that is just related to aging. Read more here today about the top factors that lead to age-related memory issues.

Stress and Anxiety

 Home Care Grand Rapids, MI: Age-Related Memory Problems

Two mental health issues that could be causing your elderly loved one’s memory loss are stress and anxiety.

What is your elderly loved one stressed about? Do they have a lot to do around their home, but they can’t physically get it done by themselves? Why is your elderly loved one so anxious? Are they struggling to communicate with their family members or do they not want to burden anyone even though they need help?

If your elderly loved one is stressed at anxious, it could certainly cause them to experience memory issues. It is important that you and home care providers help to ease these mental health issues.

Sleep Problems

There are also numerous sleep problems that can cause memory issues?

Does your elderly loved one take hours to fall asleep after they have gotten in bed? Do they snore a lot and that keeps them up during the night? Is your elderly loved one getting up a lot during the night due to nightmares, needing to use the bathroom, or for any other reason? Does your elderly loved one get up early and can’t fall back asleep?

Your elderly loved one’s memory could be suffering as a result of these problems. It is important to talk to them about their sleep problems. Then, you and the home care providers can work together with your loved one to create better sleep habits and a sleep schedule. Hopefully, in just a couple weeks, your elderly loved one’s body will get used to those, so they can get better sleep.

Not Exercising Enough

Did you know that not getting enough exercise can lead to memory issues? If your elderly loved one is laying around most of the day and not moving, the blood flow to their brain won’t be as good. If this happens, it can cause them to forget things or not retain new information.

If this is the case, you or a senior care provider should help your elderly loved one to create a plan, so they can exercise regularly.


These are some of the top factors that could be causing your elderly loved one’s age-related memory problems. Now that you know about these, you can help your elderly loved one to possibly reverse some of these problems and prevent some memory loss, too.

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