Alzheimer’s Care: Navigating Anger in Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's Care: Senior Anger in Cascade, MI

How Do You Deal with the Constant Anger from a Parent with Alzheimer’s? A lot of symptoms can be part of the Alzheimer’s universe. When an aging loved one -be it a parent, spouse, friend, neighbor, sibling, or someone else you know so well- is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you’ll likely go through a period of…

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Alzheimer’s Care – National Grief Awareness Day is August 30th

Alzheimer's Care

Every year across the U.S., mental health professionals raise awareness of the lasting effects of grief and the many reasons not to ignore the need to grieve. When you have a parent with Alzheimer’s, you’re in for what’s known as the “long goodbye.” Grief can last for years and even decades as your dad’s cognitive…

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