What Should You Talk About When Planning Home Care for Your Aging Parents?

At some point, your parents may need help around the home. Chronic health conditions, weakened bones and muscles, joint pain, and isolation can all impact safety when living alone. If you’re planning home care needs, there are questions you should openly discuss with your parents.

Home Care in Cascade MI: What to Discuss when Planning for Home Care

What Are Their Fears?

Frequently, senior citizens hear the words “home care” and fear that they’re losing privacy and independence. This makes them hesitant to admit they need help. They don’t want help at home if it means giving up any control.

Make sure they understand that a caregiver is there to help. Caregivers assist seniors just enough to ensure they enjoy independence without risking safety. If you need to, bring in a home care professional to discuss how it works. It can also help if your parents get to talk to an acquaintance who currently has a caregiver.

What Might Be Needed in the Future?

Many chronic conditions worsen over time, so care needs change. If your dad is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he may be showering and dressing on his own for now, but what about a year or two from now? Your mom has just been diagnosed with arthritis, will her care needs decrease as she finds medications and therapies that ease the pain more effectively? Make sure you weigh future needs when talking about home care services.

What Kind of Schedule is Needed?

Talk to your siblings, family friends, and relatives to see who may want to help out. If people want to spend one day a week with your parents, you might not need a caregiver every day. If you’re there on Saturday, your mom’s sister is there each Monday and Tuesday, and your dad’s nephew stops by every Sunday, there are only a few days when your parents are alone and may need senior care services.

How Much Can They Afford?

Medical insurance is unlikely to cover care. There’s always a very slim chance, but it’s not one you should count on. If there is no coverage, how much can they really afford? You need to look closely at that to figure out exactly how many hours of home care are realistic when creating a plan.

Once you’ve discussed key areas, call a home care agency. Have a representative sit down and talk about the range of services and pricing. This will help you come up with a plan that meets your parents’ goals and budget.

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