What Should You Talk About When Planning Home Care for Your Aging Parents?

Home Care in Cascade MI: What to Discuss when Planning for Home Care

At some point, your parents may need help around the home. Chronic health conditions, weakened bones and muscles, joint pain, and isolation can all impact safety when living alone. If you’re planning home care needs, there are questions you should openly discuss with your parents. What Are Their Fears? Frequently, senior citizens hear the words…

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Anxiety and your Aging Parent

Home Care in Cascade MI: Anxiety and your Aging Parent

According to an article in Geriatrics and Aging, late-life anxiety is considered a “geriatric giant” because it is “twice as prevalent as dementia among older adults, and four to eight times more prevalent than major depressive disorders, causing significant impact on the quality of life.” As a caregiver, it’s important to be aware of the…

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4 Home Improvements That Can Make the Biggest Difference for Your Elderly Loved One


Home Care in Cascade MI Most family caregivers would love to be able to totally renovate their loved one’s home to make it safe and convenient, but unfortunately that’s just not in the budget. The next best thing for you to do is to choose one or two improvements that will make a huge difference right…

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4 Safety Tips for Gardening with Home Care Services

Home Care in Cascade MI

Home Care in Cascade MI Spring is here and that means people are going to be spending more time outside.  The senior in your life may be looking to garden once again. In truth, just because some elderly individuals require assistance or may seem unsteady on their feet from time to time, that doesn’t mean…

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Home Care in Cascade, MI – August is National Panini Month

Home Care in Cascade, MI

For elderly loved ones who live alone in their own home, sometimes the day comes when they just need more help than family members are able to provide. This may happen because they have become a little feeble or perhaps an illness has reduced their energy and mobility. It’s difficult for family members to know…

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