6 Ways Companion Care at Home Helps with Burnout

Family Caregiver Burnout: Companion Care at Home Cascade MI

Family Caregiver Burnout: Companion Care at Home Cascade MI

Thirty-three percent of family caregivers have no help. Of those caregivers, one out of five rates their emotional, mental, and physical health as fair or poor. If the care they’re responsible for is more than 21 hours a week, their self-assessed health is worse. As a family caregiver, you need to take care of yourself, as self-care is essential. Think of it as being able to drive a car when you have no gas left. It won’t happen. If you’re burnt out, you can’t provide the care your dad needs. Consider looking into the benefits of companion care at home for both you and him.

Your Dad Has Company While You’re Busy

You have a full-time job and kids at home. This is normal of a sandwich generation caregiver. It’s also difficult for you as you have to balance work, your dad’s needs, and your responsibilities in your home and with your children.

With companion care at home, he has caregivers stopping by regularly to keep him company and help him with daily activities. He won’t be relying on you, so you have one less pressure to deal with each day.

Someone Else Cleans Your Dad’s Home

You spend your weekends cleaning your home and then cleaning your dad’s home. It’s double the work and incredibly frustrating. These doubled household chores lead to you having no time for fun activities or social events.

Have companion care at home caregivers clean his home while keeping him company. His home is clean and organized, and you will have more time for your own needs.

You’re Not Struggling to Keep Up With His Laundry

Once you’ve changed your family’s sheets and gathered clothes and towels, you have multiple loads of laundry to do. But, you also need to go to your dad’s house and change his sheets, gather his clothing and towels, and do the laundry for him.

With home care services, you can have caregivers doing his laundry. They can wash and dry his sheets, towels, and clothes. Once everything is dry, they can fold things and put everything away. His bed will be made up with fresh sheets.

You Know He’s Eating Homecooked Meals

Caregivers cook meals for your dad. They can sit down and ask him what he’d like to eat each week. Then, they can help him shop for groceries and put everything away. When it’s time for a meal or snack, his caregiver will make it and clean the kitchen and dishes after.

He Takes His Medications on Time

With a caregiver’s reminders, your dad won’t forget to take his pills. You don’t have to stop by his house on the way to work, get him up, and watch as he takes his pills. His caregiver can take care of it.

Transportation Services Are Available

Finally, you can stop taking time off unpaid or using up your lunch breaks to drive your dad to stores, area businesses, or medical offices. His caregiver can escort him to appointments or help him run errands.

Companion care at home services include respite care. Make sure your dad has the support he needs to age at home while also limiting your role. You can help dad as often as you can, but it shouldn’t overwhelm you. Avoid caregiver burnout by arranging companion care at home services for him.

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